Sunday, August 30, 2015

'Always expect the unexpected'

So much has gone on which I couldn't have predicted.

It's been a stressful time lately and I'm spending some time to get on top of things.
I'm back at my family home now - though it's a new house since last time I was back! I still have my last piece of MA Practising Performance left to do (my reflective essay).
My plan had been to go to France, but due to various circumstances, I won't be going at this point in time. It was a very difficult decision for me, but ultimately I think I've made the best choice I could in the circumstances I have at the moment.
I've definitely been making the most from having a bit of space and time though! I've been out in Hereford a couple of times lately. I do love my hometown.

I love educating myself and learning - but after having been in education from the age of 4 to 22, I am definitely enjoying a well-earned break. I've been trying to wind down from academic and job work - filling my evenings now with Lord of The Rings, glasses of wine and reading.
I'm finding myself writing a lot lately, being drawn to simple quiet activities like drawing, colouring, reading and cooking. I guess I'm being quite the little hobbit at the moment!
Even though I don't know quite where I'm going right now there are lots of exciting opportunities in front of me. As I see it I can't plan for everything. There are many surprises at the moment and some of them have been truly quite lovely. I'm looking forward to taking some rest and then some new adventures, even if they're not the ones I've been expecting!


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