Friday, December 11, 2015

My Woman's Nature

I always knew how to swim
but never wished to
- not for my survival.
For I burn as the stars,
I know their light always
- I am never lost.

I am one with the elements
Fire, Air, Water, Earth.
We see and know each other.

For me and the moon are friends
But, unlike her, I need no
other to give me light.
We're called mad and
Together we are the lunies.

No light without us.
Our light may fade
But we will always rise.
We always live.

I don't care for words.
Words are wind
and I burn, wave,
wash, throw them off.

I don't care for those
Who burn everything in sight.
But I glow, I give.
Like the mother who tends the earth
- I care, I love.

I am not finished.
And I never was.

Written 2015

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