Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Humiliating GOT Mix-Up: Accepting and Laughing at Mistakes

Sometimes in life you make embarrassing mistakes and you realise the best thing to do is to not take it too seriously, just go with it and pretend you meant to do it all along...
Darn it, it looked like a lion, I tell you!

(For those of you who don't understand, in the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire series this is the sigil for the Stark family whose colours are grey/white/black/silver.... however, I accidentally coloured it in the enemy family Lannister colours - red/yellow/gold. Oops!)


I now find this picture hilarious, but at the time I'd been doing the colouring because I felt stressed out and was trying to calm down... and then I noticed my terrible mistake. It could have made me get annoyed or upset, but it was just the catalyst I needed to laugh. Just laugh.

Why on earth did I not realise it was a wolf and had the Stark words underneath? Haha!

This mistake made me realise that sometimes I am definitely guilty of taking some situations too seriously. I have a tendency to think that getting things right is incredibly important or that other people's opinions/experience mean more than mine.

This is just an incredibly funny reminder that sometimes the best thing to do in life is to smile and laugh at yourself. For me, this doesn't mean mocking myself but just seeing the lightness in situations - so I don't get so bogged down in mistakes and let go of things I can't do anything about. If possible, even trying to find a silver lining to it!

How about you all? Do you have any great tips for accepting yourself when you make mistakes? Do you have any hilarious mistakes like my mutated Lannister wolf I accidentally created? I love hearing from you all!
Take care of yourselves and make sure you have a big belly laugh today. Nicky's orders ;).

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