Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Long-Distance Friendship Ideas

Now, I imagine there's a load of you out there like me who have long-distance friendships after finishing uni or moving apart for whatever reason. I thought it would be a nice idea for me to share some ideas of how to keep in touch with your close friends when you don't get to see each other so often! Maybe some of these ideas would be great for LDRs (long distance relationships) too!

1) Write Letters

I don't know about you, but I love receiving a letter. It's really nice to have something nice unexpectedly come through the post instead of just official letters, bills, etc! It can also be really meaningful to get a letter - as you know the other person has taken some time out of their day to dedicate writing it to you. It's also a lovely momento to keep of your friendship. Maybe I'm just really sad, but I get to miss my friend's penmanship as well - but maybe I'm more used to it from some of my close friends doing English Literature degrees with me! Let's go with that rather than me being really sad, haha.

Of course, it can be really fun to write letters as well! I especially love it because it gives me a chance to go into stationery stores and shop for some cute bits and pieces. My favourite writing set at the moment is one from Paperchase. They do some gorgeous sets in there and when I was in the other day I particularly fell in love with this golden bee writing set:

So pretty and so perfect for this time of year!

If any of you would like, I'd be more than happy to write a blog with some of my letter writing tips and tricks for you in the future!

2) Schedule time to Skype

Life can get busy and it's even more difficult when you're on different schedules/time zones like me and some of my friends, but knowing you have a scheduled time when you can both have a gossip-fuelled catch-up gives you both something to look forward to!

Bonus points if you both eat dinner or have a cuppa at the same time!

3) Catch-up phone calls!

It can be hard to find time to sit down and write a letter or the like sometimes, but maybe you could find a regular time where you're both free to call? For example, if you're both taking a bus to/from work at the same time why not make the most of your journey and have a catch up with your best friend? It can be even more of a relief if you're sharing the stresses of your work day before getting home.

4) Buy them something which reminds you of them

I must admit, for my friends, this is mostly Lush products! I think having something which engages one of your senses is a really nice gift to unwind with though - maybe a box of chocolates from their favourite brand, their favourite essential oils or a favourite shop gift box could really brighten up your friends day! I would burst with joy if I got a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, for example! But then again, wouldn't we all? :P

Recently I bought my bestie (yes, really, bestie, I went there) this gift box from Lush:

When me and my bestie meet up we always find ourselves heading into Lush and she has a really stressful job, so this box looked perfect for giving her a pick me up and helping her unwind! Plus, with Lush you know that their products are as natural as possible and coming from a very ethical company so you can buy their products knowing that they should be sensitive to your friend's skin and that you're also doing the world good all round.

Maybe you could tailor a gift to your friends job/lifestyle - if they work in a kitchen and always wash their hands, how about a lovely hand cream? - If they have a very hectic job, how about an adult colouring book with pencils to unwind?

5) Send them links to things they might like

Very simple and effortless, but sending a quick message with a cute picture, fascinating article or a funny video is an awesome way of letting your friends know you're thinking about them and perking up their day!

6) Surprise outings!

Maybe you and your friend have finally managed to arrange a time to meet up. If you know they don't have any plans, how about arranging a surprise outing for them? Whatever your budget, this could be something for preparing a picnic to eat at a local park, attending a fun class together or maybe a day out at the theatre/zoo/spa. Whatever suits you and your friendship :).

These are just a few of my suggestions. I hope these might help you celebrate your friendships or spark an idea for a fun day out. Feel free to get in touch as well, I would love to hear any of your suggestions!

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  1. Your post is beautiful because friendship from a distance is an art) A few friends I met thanks to free video chat they became even closer to me than can be brothers or sisters, even though we are on different continents. In our style, we often share cool pictures with each other, and communicate in the evenings, when everyone is done work and of course if no one works overtime. We always have something to discuss, and with ease and I can find new interlocutors in chat. I like)