Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Springtime and Family

I am absolutely adoring May.

I've always loved May, but this year it seems even more special. The last month of spring with the taste of summer in the air is just glorious.
I took the pictures below when my grandparents came to visit and me and my gran walked around my garden together. It was so lovely to just wander and chat. I feel like my gran is so young somehow, despite being my grandmother. The birds are all out at the moment and in the bottom picture you can see some wild garlic which is adding some freshness and spice to one area of the garden. However, I've been trying to be really careful with what I eat lately, so anything reminiscent of garlic bread is quite difficult for me to handle! Haha.
Me and my mum have also been doing a lot of jogging. We're up to 5k every other day now, but my ultimate aim is to get to 10k every other day. I'm taking everything slow though. All of the decisions I'm making in my life now are because they make me feel good and are sustainable. I really don't care for other people's ideas of what my "fitness goals" 'should' be, this is my body, my exercise on my terms. Doing yoga this morning after the run the day before definitely made me notice some tense and achey bits! We don't run on flat, it's always cross-country and frequently uphill. In a lot of ways, I find this much easier than going to any gym. I need the outdoors and it's a huge part of it to me. Going to the gym would seem too personal-aesthetics focused for me (not to judge anyone who prefers that, you do you!) but being back in nature is a huge motivating factor in keeping up fitness for me.
Writing that paragraph made me realise how avoiding the dreaded 'should' or 'ought to' has become a major part of my life lately. Throwing that out there in case anyone relates to it!
If you're reading this, how is your spring going? I always like a short time to reflect, so here's my encouragement for you to take yours :). If you'd like to share any stories, suggestion for fun day activities or anything else, go ahead! I look forward to hearing from you!

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