Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Welcoming 2019

So, it has been a terribly long time since I last posted. I imagine this year will be a bit hit and miss for my posting as well (for a while at least).

This year, I will (hopefully) be qualifying as a mental health nurse. As such, until summer time/graduation it is unlikely I will have much time to create much. As much as I want to post more, I've had to commit to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow, learn and develop as a student nurse. However, 2019 holds such promise for me. As well as starting my career in a field that I have so much love and passion for, I will also hopefully have more time to reconnect to my creative passions once my course ends. (And don't you worry, my love of literature and theatre may appear dormant - but it is very much still integral to my being)

I genuinely really have missed developing and posting creative content. I have so many ideas coming into my head all the time for all of the experiences and knowledge I want to share and connect through.

I have so much optimism for 2019. I expect it will be a rollercoaster year, but I haven't felt so connected to myself in a very long time. This January I actually have the wonderful opportunity to be at home with family whilst I work on my dissertation. Going for walks with my dog, doing my daily yoga and meditation practice and having time to connect to my roots has really contributed so much to my wellbeing and happiness. My main hopes and goals for 2019 are to let go of perfectionism and embrace living whole-heartedly. As such, I don't even want to edit or ponder over this post too much, I just want to get back to what I enjoy!

A few of the things I want to fill my life with this year are:

- Those close and important to me
- Gym (particularly powerlifting)
- Hikes
- Yoga (I'm doing Yoga with Adriene's Dedicate practice this January - join me!)
- Meditation
- Cooking and baking healthy yummy food
- Looking after my body (like massage, exercise, nutrition)
- Being close to nature

I feel filled with gratitude and an underlying 'blue sky' joy at the moment and I hope to keep nurturing it. The photo is of the first snowdrops I have seen this year, which I took when walking my dog. I love the slow pace and optimism which this time of year seems to hold & I am so looking forward to Imbolc.

Do you have any hopes and goals for this new year? Sending lots of positive energy and kindness,

Nicky xx

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