Tuesday, January 08, 2019

About Me

Hello friend!

My name is Nicky *shakes hand*.

Before starting this blog I have spent my time becoming scarily (over) qualified and experienced. I am in fact a Master. *whips off sunglasses* Master of Arts. I studied a BA(hons) in English Literature with Drama and Theatre Studies followed by a MA in Practising Performance in the beautiful seaside university town, Aberyswyth University. Unfortunately I didn't see any of the legendary dolphins whilst I was there, but everyone else sure saw a lot of me - whether it was stripping down to my undies and drinking vodka in my experimental Masters performance, Performing Anxiety, or my weekly comedy improvisations shows (in which I performed such roles as tumbleweed, David Cameron and an orphan saving the universe).

That isn't to say that university was all fun and games for me. During my time at university I endured several very traumatic experiences and mental ill health. As I was recovering found that I had to avoid the majority of media - there was so much negativity and comparison and it just wasn't good for me. I used mindfulness, therapy and more than a little determination to create my own reliable self-produced light and love. In Curious Journeying I continue to smother the world in love and positivity, because I believe this world needs more people to stand up and offer joy, respect and love. I use it to connect with others and inspire both myself and others to live a whole-hearted life.

I believe in the strength in vulnerabilty.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet. I welcome you with open arms!


Nicola Watkins is currently based in Herefordshire, England where she works a paid role part-time in addition to volunteering roles. She has been involved in the arts and achieving from a young age - at sixteen she held the role of Wales' Youth Ambassador for BBC Blast and won various achievement prizes, including being nominated for the High Sheriff's Award for Outstanding Contribution to School and Community. In her BBC role she had the opportunity to work with the British Film Institute and various industry professionals. After this she was a Student Ambassador for Aberystwyth Arts Centre. She has much acting and performance experience and has attended short courses at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Her favourite acting role to date was as one of the Weird Sisters in Macbeth - this performance toured the Ceredigion area and was invited by the Royal Shakespeare Company to perform at their open air theatre, The Dell.